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Now that's a MIGHTY good question :)Enjoyed watching the maturation of this relationship through their interactions with Roxy (who had her own personality that I LOVED). Creative for sure! Enjoyed this.
Great voice! And wonderful visual descriptions. I could totally picture Foxy Roxy - LOL. Loved the ending, too. Nice job!
Really liked this and loved your ending:)
I enjoyed meeting Foxy Roxy and seeing how the MC built a relationship with her. The conclusion was well done, also.
I seriously got the wrong end of the story at first. I thought that the narrator was a bitch out to make a good impression on the human’s dog! But once I got myself disentangled and rewound back to the start, it all made a lot more sense. All in all, an interesting study in jealousy and accommodation.
(smile) I liked the description of the emotional tension at the beginning..and the end, as you tied it up neatly.
Well done.
I love Roxy! This was well written, and very entertaining, too. Well done.
I love this, as we have an almost identical story in our family--my son-in-law's dog has become my daughter's dog. I can only hope that we'll have the same ending...soon!
I love this story and watching the evolution of the relationships: Man and Woman AND Woman and Dog. So cute. I could just picture Foxy Roxy on the back of the motorcycle. So much fun. I love the ending and I'm so glad the dog accepted the MC and they bonded! Wonderful.
I enjoyed reading about the evolution of the MCs relationship with Rocky. The descriptions of Roxy's riding gear cracked me up-what a mental word picture!
Loved Roxy! Could see her on the bike. This was fun.
Oooh, I like Roxy! She was so sweet! The ending was simply great though, I can just see that puzzle. Having to share Roxy sounds more like the answer though! ^_^
I could picture Roxy in her jacket and goggles riding on the front of the motorcycle. I think that was my favorite part. Fun story! It was a blast reading it! :)
I love this. The voice, and story, are so entertaining. You made all of the characters--dog included--come alive. Nice job with the topic.
Oh I love this dog! And as usual, you do a first class job writing about her. What a great story for someone like me who absolutely loves dogs of any stripe! Kudos, sweetie!
I loved everything about this story. Great writing my FaithWriter friend.
Great story, great dog. I'm so glad the girls hit it off, that certainly averted disaster. I loved Roxy's cool outfit. Well done Laura, well done.

Great job! I would love to be able to picture a doberman/husky mix...too bad you couldn't include a photo! I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the surprise ending, and I hope that in the sequel the MC will get a riding jacket!
Congratulations on taking 14th place in your level with this piece, Laura!
And you placed 22nd overall. Awesome!
A great description of the progression of devotion - both of man and dog...Dogs, most of them, are like that. They know how best to worm their way in to a person's heart. This was a great story about Foxy Roxy. Good thing he was Foxy, or he could have ruined the wonderful relationship you had. Instead, he strengthened it. And I have NO doubt that he will welcome the new arrival and be his/her protector, too...Well done!...Helen
Awwwwwww....LOVE the ending. Images of Ryan and Roxy in matching leather is hilarious!