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How True! I loved your descriptions, especially the image of the pair leading you to the kitchen ! That is soooo CAT! Great job!
Oh can I relate! That last line is PRICELESS. I giggled throughout this entry. Fun!
Oh yes, I have two who do exactly the same thing every morning. They own me! I relived those moments as I read. Very good.
What's the saying? "Dogs come when you call. Cats take the message and get back to you." You own a dog. Cats own you...Well demonstrated by your "tale" or their "tails"! How well I know. I have FIVE of "them monsters" - (and a dog) loved and obeyed!

This was fun and I could see the cat butts and tails sauntering casually like they own the place. You put me in the house with them. I miss my cat.
How funny and how very true your statements are about cats:) Very entertaining piece:)
I loved the description of your "cat alarm clocks." Yeah, I can see they're going to be trained!
Cats are ALWAYS sure that they're right, so what's to train?! You nailed the cat persona to a "T" and the hapless owner's persona, too. Humorous and descriptive writing!
Excellent. I could practically hear your nerves unravelling. I especially enjoyed the underplayed humour
Classically cat--a fun read.