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This was very well written. I loved the personality and character of Mary, as well as the conclusion the narrator reached. "Paper" was an excellent vehicle to tie the thoughts together.
Just wonderful - the characterization, the descriptions, the interior monologue - everything. Masterful.
This is so touching, and very well written! I like the "paper trail" throughout.
You drew me in and led me along with the MC until I hoped, hoped that she would realize that Mary was still her friend. You didn't disappoint. The paragraph about one piece of paper saying you're a spouse, and one, you're not was a powerful image.
This brought tears to my eyes. This is absolutely beautiful. A winner in my teary eyes.
Excellent. This has to be a serious contender this week. Nice word choices. I liked these: "A backlog of tears," "cold authentication," "the hint of a rainbow," "inhaling the future"

A very good read. Hope it's more fiction than autobiographical. I hate divorce - it destroys everything it touches. I'm always sorry to see or hear of anyone having to go through that.
Beautifully written. Your MC's introspection was wonderfully portrayed. A piece of paper to show the end of a marriage. Ironically, mine is dated 4th July :(
Simply superb writing.
So many good things in here it would be difficult to define all of them in so short a space. For a start your story possesses cohesion and emotional impact, well-drawn characterizations. I have a feeling Mary is a real person - if not before, she is now. Blessings.
Congratulations, KatieScarlet, on placing 12th in your level and 17th overall. Great job!
Author's Note: Yes, she is VERY real...and very dear. :0)