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This is truly poignant, a masterfully written story of Christian forgiveness.
Very descriptive, with excellent use of dialog. I love the flashbacks and such - masterfully done.
Loved the use of flashbacks, and how there was such a change of heart. Forgiveness is powerful, and the world needs to see it in us. Great writing...
I love the humility the daughter in law has.

Great title!
You did well with describing the culture and how important honoring one's parents and in-laws are. Good portrayal of family devotion and forgiveness.
I love how you bring this around in a circle from beginning to end without pounding in the point. You let the reader think about what's happened as you tell the story. The characters felt real. Excellent story.
An exceptional story with great truths and excellent character building.
Incredible. Two messages in one well-written package--all while being perfectly on topic. Just incredible.
I really like how you wove the fabric of this story together. You kept my interest from the title to the last sentence. Well done my friend.
Masterfully written, as always! I get an education every time I read one of your stories.
Excellent. I'm glad you left the mother-in-law who she was and didn't force her to change at the end. You left the stage wide open for her eyes to gradually open as her D-I-L cares for her. Very nicely done. I must admit, all of the foreign words and references made the reading a bit rough, but it's not really an issue, since I'm not sure they could be removed or adjusted in any way without ruining a lot of what you were trying to accomplish with the piece. All in all, it's very good, and I'm glad I read it.
While I was reading this, I could see it running in my head as a play. I think it would make a great one! Nicely done and great message.
Your knowledge of Japanese culture is outstanding, and it really makes this story believable in every way. Superb story! Thank you so much for sharing.
Peter, your fan club is growing by leaps and bounds. Everything you write is such a keeper, and this is is no exception. "Brilliant" doesn't adequately describe your work. I'll have to think of something else. Big time kudos!
The descriptions, the use of language and all makes for a beautiful story.
The MC is so beautifully portrayed in the Japanese setting. So much love and warmth in this story. Another delightful read Peter... as usual.
I felt so bad for Rinako, the way her MIL just seemed to look right through her. This was well done, the emotions and the dialog with the italics. Great job. ^_^
Congratulations on the EC! You are well deserving of it.
A very unique perspective on the subject, and quite enjoyable to read.
Congratulations, Peter!!!! Sooo happy for you each and every time you earn an EC!!!
Another well-told story Peter. They just get better and better.
I could tell this was well-researched and you also did a wonderful job portraying the common ground true Christians stand on, no matter their background and culture.
Congratulations on your EC, Peter. This is absolutely incredible. Beautiful writing. Great cultural lesson. Excellent.