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Wow. This was neat! I liked little Georgie, I especially liked all the little details and descriptions of her day with Teddy and how they went together on their 'adventures' the ending was especially touching. Nicely done! ^_^
Oh, this is so lovely - the descriptions, the characterization, the settings - are masterful. I think this is my favorite so far.
Absolutely gorgeous description. This is poignant and very well written, too. Five stars from me.
I'm just speechless with the beauty of this. No one can capture a tiny moment and an enormous depth of feeling like you do, and give such richeness of meaning to a phrase like "ahead of the light."
Awesome! I could hear both Georgie and Teddy talking. I loved the feel of this story. Definitely top class!
Beautiful... absolutely beautiful. I want to read more about the children.
Oh I just loved Georgie's voice.

This is so lovely. I got a warm feeling from reading it.
You truly have a gift for description. The imagery and the characters were captivating. A favorite this week.
See, this is what we think of when we imagine ourselves growing older...being able to remember those fond times and having the comfort of those golden moments in our past. The relationship between the two siblings is beautiful and the subtle hints that this is not the present are perfect. Excellent writing, as usual, and very lovely and poignant to read.
Lovely, tender, and excellent in every way! One of my favorites so far.
One of my favorites this week. You pack so much in your 750 words. I loved every line of this story, and I am sure that it will be placing very high this week. :)
Love the way 'ahead of the light' is weaving through the article. If I'm reading it correctly, the ending is decades later, and the sister is terminally ill, but remembers her youth with her brother as through it were yesterday.
This was delightfully gorgeous. I loved the line, "“Teddy, that’s delightfully rude. Teach me.” That completely personifies siblings. And the tenderness of the end left me in goosebumps. Lovely.
This is truly masterful. I'm speechless.
Ann, I read this one aloud, and savored the pictures you put into my head. I never had a brother, but imagine if I did I would want one like him. I too thought perhaps the ending was on her death bed, and the memory of youth was floating before her eyes... Great writing... !! Bravo!
Congratulations on your EC, Ann. This is so beautiful, so touching. Nice job with the topic.
Congratulations, Ann! Loved this story.