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You did a good job of putting us in this world in the limited word count you had. It was familiar enough to not feel completely foreign, but "sci-fi" enough to work. I was wondering what he would do until the end. Good job with the suspense.
Sci-fi things are beyond my imagination, but I think you did a good job of showing the importance of duty and responsibility and their relevance to Bible teaching. Jesus asked who are my mother and brothers. Family relationships must come second to God.
You managed a moral and a message in your exciting scifi story.
Exactly what we have come to expect from you Peter... another brilliant story. I loved every bit of this. I'd love to see this made into a full length story.
Well done, very well done indeed.
Do you ever write anything mediocre? **grin** You're so good you could copy the phone book and still place first in Editor's Choice. It's a bit out of the box but who needs boxes? It's GREAT! (As usual!)
WOW!!! I love it! And you were able to give us your whole sci-fi world by the richness of your "showing"--so hard to do in 750 words. Wonderful!
Amazingly brilliant and clever as usual. Funny how accustomed I've become to using the word "brilliant" when describing your writing. Phenomenal piece of your imagination here.
Short, sharp--excellent imagination and presentation.
You kept us guessing, well done. Loved the scripture tie in.
Loved the sci-fi feel.
Your God given gift always shines in your writings. You are a master of sci-fi (and many other genres), and you left me wanting more of this story. I could picture this being a full blown novel. You masterfully sued all 750 words, but I still yearn for more.

Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. What a blessing!
Whoops! Typo in my last comment. You masterfully "used" all 750 words not sued. LOL
Rich details in this story and great characterizations. I was not expecting that ending-you got me with that!
What a sacrifice! Somehow, I think it's what his sister would've wanted. To watch the action though, the emotion and the struggle to 'do the right thing'. It was very real. You've certainly got a knack for this-great job! I loved it! ^_^
You had me wondering until the very end what was going to happen. This was a real nail biter. Kudos.
I loved this sci-fi thriller. Great writing!
Congratulations on 1st place overall!!!! I am so thrilled and happy for your many successes! ;)
I have never been a sci-fi fan, but you had me with this story. I tried to guess what he would do at the end, and got it wrong. What an exciting story. I love how the enemy could not predict the outcome by the use of terror tactics. Great writing and CONGRATS!
Not usually a fan of sci-fi, but you drew me in. Masterfully told in so few words. Chapeau!
Certainly well deserved, Peter. Another great job - what an imagination and talent you have! Thank-you for sharing it in your writings. Loren
First rate sci-fi. I didn't even need the glossary at the end to follow the action. Liked your nanite descriptions. Congrats on EC.
Congratulations, Peter! Great story! It is an honor to be in 2nd place next to you:)
Congratulations on your first place, Peter. I don't usually like sci-fi (mostly 'cause I don't 'get it'), but this is really good. And I 'got it.' :)

Very creative story for the topic.
Congrats, Peter, on 1st place. Wow! This is an awesome entry. You are so talented and versatile. Blessings.
I can see why you say that sci-fi is your favourite genre, but I've read your historical articles that had (to me) just as much impact. You're amazingly versatile and creative.
The word limit cramps it slightly, making me read it twice to get the full impact, so I can imagine how awesome it would be filled out a little. Ever considered writing an anthology of short sci-fi stories? You slay 'em, bro!