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What a message!! I hope this reaches someone who may be considering such a decision, because it is definitely thought provoking. Very clever take on the topic.
Oh, so well done. Very sad, but well written. Thank-you for sharing.
Beautiful. Sad. Too true.
Well done. Showing the true Victim's point of view on abortion is hardly ever thought of. Good that you have shown it well.
A view from the unborn; an unusual angle indeed! You certainly hit the nail on the head to get the message across! Let those who are considering such action open their ears and hear!
Wonderful poem, powerful messge! Thank you for this excellently written and deeply moving piece! Very creative!
WOW! Very well done, and very moving. thanks for sharing.
Excellent descriptions, and an extremely poignant piece, from a voice that needs to be heard.
You've done an amazing job of writing this powerful poem. I verses interspersed between stanzas is very creative and effective. And I love the ending that gives such comfort in the midst of a heart-breaking situation.
Very nice job. The unborn have no voice. Thank you for being a voice for them thru this poem.
This *really* touched me. It is so well done, and gets the point across so well. Both thumbs up.
Wow, Chrissy. This is incredible.

I was co-director at a pregnancy counseling center--and you have really nailed this incredibly sad act from the position of the unborn.

I would love to share this with the counselors at the center--I think it could be a powerful tool for them to use.

Great job with the topic.
Very powerful poem. Excellent voice for those who cannot speak.
Wow! What a wonderful POV for the topic. Sad entry, but much needed message. Powerful writing.
This moved me to tears. Oh my, how heartbreaking. You have done a marvelous job on speaking from the unborn babe's point of view. Chrissy, this is superb.
This is so moving and moved me to tear. God bless you for writing it. Well done!
If only every young mother who considers such a "solution" could read this. :(
Wow, Chrissy! A unique and creative approach and so powerful and moving. Well done!
So moving, Chrissy, and I especially love the Scripture snippets that you put between each stanza--just the right touch.
Adding scripture to this made it even more powerful than it already was.

This would be a great witnessing tool for those women considering abortions. You gripped me with this, and while sad, you spoke the truth about this very sensitive subject.

I appreciate you sharing this, Aunt Chrissy.
This is excellent and heartwrenching.
Wow! Very powerful! I like the way you took it from the baby's POV. Well done!
Bold and telling.

Your voice is heard loud and clear.

Incredibly heartwrenching, Chrissy. And as others have pointed out, the Scripture verses really add to this wonderfully written poem. Wow!
WOW! So incredibly sad, and heartbreaking. Your title hinted at what was to come, but the rest of it, the actual story-the ryhme the flow and especially the words in bold. Gave me goosebumps reading it. ^_^
Starteling and packs an emotional wallop. Your Biblical reference gives a quiet peace about this, the last line in particular. Wonderful job in presenting this heart-wrenching subject.
Chrissy, this is such a gut-wrenching piece (tears, tears, tears). WOW! I don't even know what to say. Please put this out there somehow, it really could make a difference to someone who is considering making this decision.
Heart-breaking...and still, there is hope in He who gives eternal life! Terrific perspective for Mother's Day.
Incredibly sad--yet beautiful