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What a beautiful, well written story. The descriptions were so vivid, I could feel the chill (and see the "kid clutter"). The child's poem at the end seemed so real, as if it were written by someone I knew...
I loved how your related your Mom's story to the story of the disciples fishing all night. I was entranced in this moment, reading about your mother's situation with her children sick and the fuel truck unable to get through. (I remember the fuel truck days.) Your writing emanates peace and I loved that about this entry. Despite circumstances we can have peace. This is beautiful and well-written.
Beautifully said, nicely written, and fully digested with a couple of tears in the eye for Exclamation points...and I loved the last line. Well done.
This settled my heart after a cranky day. She could have been really cranky and chose not to be. I needed this reminder today, thank you!
Wonderful! Very nice last lines, especially the visual of throwing a net into the ocean of motherhood! I liked how she reached for her bible to sit down and read even though there were chores to be done, etc. It showed where her priorities were. ^_^
Wonderful descriptions and parallels. This felt so real. Very well done.
This was extremely well-structured and well-written. Your last sentences were perfect.