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Ooh, I like this! I love this, actually. A favorite of mine this week! I liked the Elf Princess very much and espeically Helga how she cared for her daughter and how they were able to still be together and even though they were lepers, when the healing came it was wonderful! You must have had so much fun writing this-Excellent job! ^_^
This is very creative. I enjoyed your story of a selfless mother's love and of a healing for both her and ehr daughter.
Very creative - makes us look at a familiar situation (in His Word, anyway) from a new angle. Nicely done.
Nice writing. Also good title, looks awful familiar:) Great minds do think alike, I'm thinking! I do like this story. Well done!
I loved this! The world needs more Christian fantasy. Good job.
Your opening was brilliantly engaging. Who couldn't help but keep reading with that first sentence? You built the conflict perfectly and then brought it to a tender end of a mother's undying love. Fiction doesn't get better than this. Well done.
I just looked up the word "creative" in my trusty ole Websters dictionary circa 1906 and so help me, there was your picture. And no wonder, with an entry like this. Someone saw you coming and there's a winner's prize waiting for you on Thursday. Trust me!
Laura told me to tell you.**grin**
Wow! What a creative entry. Very engaging, and the devotion between mother and child is heartening. Loved it.
Your opening line grabbed my attention. I loved the sacrifice the mother made. I am glad there was a happy ending for them both.
Wonderful allegory! I loved it!
Fantastic story! The mother knew what the result of picking up her daughter in her arms would be, but she did it just the same. What a marvelous example of sacrificial love. I love the elf princess, I'd like to see more of her!
Lesson learned. Your talent is very evident in the atmosphere you created.
Perfect example of excellent story-telling. You draw your reader into the story with the first paragraph. I especially like the 4th paragraph.
I meant to say, I esp. like the 4th paragraph from the bottom.
You do have a way for story telling. Your story and its words are enchanting. Loved it.
I love happy endings. Could it be the elf princess was so called superstitiously because she was a spirit-filled Christian with the gift of healing? Or maybe its just a beautiful fairy tale. No matter, its a wonderful story anyway you slice it.
I'm fast becoming a fan of your fantasy parables. I have never been much of a fantasy fan, but you do it so well. Nice work Peter