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OUTSTANDING! Out of the box, fresh characters, surpise twist, wonderful story. I will be surprised and very disappointed if this doesn't take 1st place.
This was so creative! I guessed that these were lions at the beginning because of the name Yafeu--it reminded me of The Lion King. Excellent job!
Wow, I'm impressed with the imagination that went into this. What a unique perspective!
WOW! This was great! I loved the ending twist here and especially how they turned out to be lions! Great job-I felt this whole story come alive and it was just-wow! Excellent job. ^_^
I generally don't care for talking animal stories, but once I got to the end of this one--and that drop of water from the sky--I LOVED this POV. I'm sure I've never read anything like it before. The pull on all those pairs of animals must have been indescribable. EXCELLENT!
Wow. This is incredible. Excellent POV. This seemed so realistic.
Absolutely speechless here. Wow.
Very well written! You've captured the emotions perfectly!
Whoa—such a creative mind to write this Biblical story from the perspective of the animals left behind. Well done, and has has already been said — well out of the box. Good work.
Very creative and out of the box thinking. Exceptionally written and opens a while new door to the story of the ark. Great job!
Yes, it's very unique and I've never thought of how the animals came to Noah. The call of the Lord on the wild is an astounding notion! But, I can't help being sad, too, because the parents were leaving their off-spring to certain death. That kind of left me feeling a sense of doom at the end for Bobo and...ah phooey! I'm just an ol' softy. (:
Congratulations! Well done. Loved this piece!
Congrats on your level placing with this!!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. I'm so glad to see this story was recognized. It was one of my favorites this week.
Oh WOW. This is MONSTERLY creative and compelling and just wonderful. SO glad this one did well (and thank you for "sending me" through your entries, or I may have never read, and been blessed by, this one).
Love the POV. I always wondered how Noah kept all but two ants off the ark.
I can see why this scored second place. The entry that received 1st must have been enormously creative. This was just brilliant. Absolutely super!
Really great story and perspective......such a different take on this story. Amazing!!!
Wow. I did not expect the twist in this piece. Excellent POV of the story of the flood.
You totally had me....I really didn't have a clue as to where you were going. Well done!
I love the POV--"What were the animals thinking before the flood?" --you had me all the way to the end. Well done--I'm glad this one placed!
Clever story! I love Biblical fiction stories with a twist and this one surprised me. I was all in a stew about the unlikelyhood that God would call parents away from their kids so I didn't realize it wasn't actually humans until the story told me, haha. Fun story.
WOW! Never thought about that aspect of the flood. Very interesting and the intrigue pulled me right along.
How intriguing! I really enjoyed this story. It would make a great children's tale, leading up to the telling of Noah's Ark. Another really good story my FaithWriter friend. Well done!