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This was awesome! Very well-written. Keep up the good work!
Loved the dialogue. I almost thought my alter ego wrote a story without my knowing. I have a few, one being a ten year old boy.

Anyway, cute idea with the eggs. I hope you use or used it on your kids.(:
I like this. The depictions of the kids are very real. Great job.
Cute. But the child in me still says, "Hey, not fair!" Perhaps that's why people like me need pieces like this!
Good lesson! The children in the story were pictured so realistically that I could imagine they were my own. A great job!
Great dialog and cute story with a lesson for children.
Very enjoyable read! Alot of fun!
A nice lesson in an entertaining story. It would be good for a Sunday school take home paper.
Left me with a smile on my face. She's got the point but still wants the goodies. So like kids, little and big. Great characterisation and interaction between the characters.
I tried to finish this one but it was just too long! ROFL! Kidding... This is a very nice piece, JJ. I liked the beginning and the end. I stumbled a bit in the middle section, maybe because I'm reading like crazy trying to catch up. But the message is sound and the writing, as always, very polished.
My first thought re. the empty eggs was that an empty tomb was greater than all the other tombs in the garden. Each day is like an empty egg and God lets us decide what to fill it with. But as a child, I would have been hunting for the $5.00 egg. The lesson would have gone right over my head. No that is not a "short" joke. But the concepts in the story caused me to expand my thoughts to the symbolism of the empty egg. Thank you for sharing insights that led us to deeper levels of wisdoms.
“What you don’t see in those eggs actually holds the most value. We’re often in search of what’s tangible and what appears to be worth having, as you’ve both done today. Our search for material wealth clouds our vision to what’s most valuable in our lives. We often find an irreplaceable treasure in what’s not seen, like in the empty eggs. Most often, we are blind to intangible treasures when our spiritual eyes miss what our physical eyes don’t see.

Ryan looked quizzically at Dad.

“What? I don’t get it,” said Ryan.

LOL - I was thinking the same thing! I thought, 'man those are some big words he's using for kids.'
Excellent writing with an absolutely awesome message. Great dialogue. Loved it (even the words I didn't understand - LOL)
Love, Lynda
"...a pair of eyes with a new vision and clarity." - Wow - now that's something to think about - very good.
Good lesson about spiritual eyes and physical eyes! Wonderful writing. One of my favorites.
What a story, kept me hooked right to the end. I love the child's point of view, and an idea on how to teach spiritual value to children, thank you.
Oh, and I loved the end, "Next year I'll just ask mom for the five dollars and movie tickets." Straight from the mind of a child. Where do you get your insight?

God bless,