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Oh thank you for this! The vivid imagery took me right there with you. I remember the farm that I used to love to visit, though I almost never got to stay for more than a day, a few times per year. It was my refuge from my own life's unhappiness, and I remember my heart rising higher and higher with each familiar landmark on the way there. You captured it all so beautifully, with such winsomeness and nostalgia and a touch of sadness. This one is a winner in my book!
So vivid - you took me there with you. I could see it all so clearly. Wonderfully done.
Gorgeous and rich with detail...wonderful. I loved that it was written TO them, not just about them. Truly lovely.
Beautiful trip down memory lane. I was especially moved at how the grandparents and their home proved a retreat in sharp contrast to normal home life. Reminds me of God, our Refuse in times of strife.
This was wonderful. I felt such loss when the ranch had been destroyed by fire. But fire can't erase the memories you have. Thanks Mid, for sharing this with your FW family.
You are such a brilliant writer. You have a way of taking the most ordinary line and making it extraordinary--all without it seeming overdone. Just masterful. I loved this story, can you tell? One of my favs this week.
We sometimes think our few visits with our grandparents couldn't possibly mean so much, but later, we learn how much those images are burned into our hearts. Lovely childhood memories in this article and the knowledge that these idyllic summers were a contrast to "home" life, made the memories all the more bittersweet. Very touching.
Excellent descriptions. I particularly liked this line, "Bathed in the light of your happiness, my dark, troubled world would fade into nonexistence." What special memories to hold onto.
As always, you've presented a masterful, descriptive piece that takes the reader on a journey with you, both physically and emotionally. The paragraph with the descent was my favorite. You rock!
This is lovely from start to finish with vivid descriptions and images. thank you for sharing.
Great title, Mid, and I'm glad you took a break from your novel to introduce us to your grandparents.

I got a little bit impatient to meet them, after the first few paragraphs of description...maybe you could develop their characters more if you scaled those down a bit?

Your writing is always so peaceful and lovely. Thanks for sharing your gift.
This was masterfully done. It could have been my grandfather's place in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania that you were describing. It had an underlying cry for yesteryears when things were idyllic and love was poured out without reservation on you. What beautiful people and how well you developed their characters so that it all came together into a lovely, magnificent piece of writing.
Such precious memories, wonderfully told and remembered. The nostalgia was tangible to me, as it seems we share and hold dear much the same experiences,
Beautifully written with clear, crips images. I wanted to be there with you. Expertly done.
Such beautifully written descriptions. Your love for the ranch and its owners is soooooo evident.
Wow -- such exquisite writing, makes me hunger for more.
What a tribute to your granparents. Your last paragraph, I am sure, brings much empathy from so many who have lost their grandparents. So eloquently written. Thank you for sharing such treasured memories.
Beautiful, Mid. Yes, I can see how we both love vivid memories. A warm, peaceful read.