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I had a suspicion about this pair. Were they barefooted? In my mind they were. How true and well told. I feel we have a placer here.
I love this entry! Absolutely love it! Great writing! Love the twins. Excellent job!
An excellent sense of place and characterization, and a VERY unique way to portray a wonderful man. Loved the descriptions especially. You put me there.
Great descriptions. A warm story with realism thoughout. The twins and their father definately knew the proper tribute.
You've added humor to a somber situation. I enjoyed the fact that those who knew the grandpa could remember his life with joy. In light of this I like your title. Your list of fun memories brought a smile to me. Thanks!
This was so wonderful...the descriptions were great, and I loved the fact that they were giggling about the good times with him.
I hope and pray this is the way my family will remember me! No better tribute to a life than to have people smiling through their tears in remembrance. Wonderful characterizations in this story.
I remember one funeral where the funeral director had to come in and ask the "mourners" to hold it down because they were laughing so much it was disturbing the rest of the people attending other wakes. Good story.
Great story! I loved that the twins and their father remembered the good/funny times. I'm glad they didn't go into the house and be frowned on by the others. Very well done. I love it!
I love the laughter echoing at the end. This was an extremely well-written, entertaining story. Well done.
I love this entry too! I liked how the twins were able to remember the good times with their grandpa amidst a bunch of stuffy people who barely even knew him.

This story reminds us all that we should rejoice when our loved ones go on to be with Jesus and remember the special moments that we had with them.

One of my favorites so far this week (and I have read a ton of entries). :)
Adorable kids, and a wonderful relationship with their dad. This story has loads of charm.
Very touching story and vivid descriptions. Loved it!
Love the voice in this piece. I could picture the kids. Well done.
Good job Chrissy. The title is awesome and the twins are perfect. Great writing.
I love the unique perspective that twins tend to have on life, and you presented theirs well.
You make me want to remember everyone like this. Not for all the somber-sad-mourning sort of feel, but for the laughter the joy and memories that are so precious and dear! I loved the character of Holly-she was my favorite! Great job! ^_^
This is excellent. Loved the description, conversation, and memory stories.
It is interestng to see why and how we grieve a loss. You have given this reader a very good insight into this. Great job.
This is a wonderful story. I'm sure that Grandpa would like to be remembered with laughter--it sounds like he was that kind of person. What a blessing.
Congratulations, Chrissy, for placing 38th overall with this piece. Great job, my dear friend!:D
Chrissy -- I wanted to say congrats on making top 40 with this!
Very sweet story, and it felt real.
It also communicates a great message. It's tradition in my family to celebrate the life of a person who has gone home. We cry, yes, but we also laugh. I forget that so many people don't have this freedom.