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A beautiful, moving piece. So well written. I love the child's interspersed thoughts throughout.
This is very tender and poignant. I like your use of "Grammy" and "Gramps". Grandparents can truly be a blessing in the lives of children. Your story progression held my attention. You even have a great message here, too.
Oh, wow! This is beautifully poetic and lovely and heartwrenching. Wonderfully done.
Very nice writing. It is very touching. So tender. Nice work!
How sad; poor little girl. She needed to be included in the event of her baby brother's death. So good that her Grammy was able to tell her about Jesus. Good work.
Dear Diary,
Everyone says I’m so brave and so good. Mummy’s in the hospital again. I don’t want to be brave, I want to be scared.

Wow, this was the voice in my head as a child. You captured the emotion of missing your Grammy perfectly, and in such a poetic way. Well done.

So much sadness here. But enjoyable in spite of it. Liked your diary approach.
I liked the format of this. I used a similar one in my entry this week.

You really brought me close to the little child, and made me feel his/her emotions. I felt the sadness, the confusion, the yearning for the grandmother.

Superb writing! Thank you for sharing this.
Beautiful job capturing the emotions of the child, very touching.
Beautiful, Sara!
I love the flow of this. beautiful job!
This was well written and clever. Enjoyed it.
Not everyone is able to get into the heart and mind of a child and tell it to the reader so well. Great job, truly enjoyed this emotional story.
Oh, how touching. I enjoyed this tender story. Kudos.
Very touching, and wonderful format. You captured a little child's emotions very well. Excellent job with the topic.
This one reads like an awesome Christian song.
The diary entries really put us in the little girl's head and emotions. Very well done--tender and touching. Huggles!
This is such a sad story. It breaks your heart. It is well told in diary form, and puts the point across very well. Keep up the good work. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. God bless you in your writing career. Thanks for your comment on my "Father" story....Helen