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Very cute. If it's taken her this long to get saved, I don't know if she would do it in a few sentences of persuasion now, but it still made me smile. :)
I enjoyed this story, though I correctly suspected its outcome. I like how you show that faithful planting and watering of a seed can result in a tender green shoot when we least expect it.
In case you edit this for another purpose, you want "lose," not "loose," in the phrase "nothing to lose."
Wow...what a good twist at the end! I like the way you presented the Gospel, interwoven with the questions.
Well done.
Very good way of framing an evangelistic message.

Seems to me that it would be Gina who'd admit that they weren't acting.

I'd like to see this in the hands of lots of teens.
I appreciated how the message of salvation was made so plain in your story without it being preachy. I was glad they weren't just role-playing.
Very nice, and a great message! I enjoyed this.
I've seen God's sense of humor in action many times. Gina was, what you might call 'a captive audience'. Good stuff Ali!
Great way to present the topic. Dialog was perfect too.
This is a great piece! It reminds me of one of those "You only have a minute tracts" I used to find when I traveled in virginia. It's a great message without being preachy or in your face about it. I liked how the end turned out, especially with the line "We weren't acting" that was great! Loved it! ^_^
God certainly was preparing both their hearts for this particular "scene". On a practical note, I liked the idea of role playing before witnessing. I never thought of that, what a great idea!
I had a feeling that maybe the two girls weren't acting, but I wasn't completely sure until the end.

I really enjoyed the message that you convey here. This would be an excellent story for a teen magazine.

Thank you for sharing.