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Beautiful. I'm still crying. I read my poem of farewell to my dad via speaker phone, just over two years ago, and was assured by my step-sister of a contented sigh.
Heartbreaking and spirit-lifting at the same time. A lot of emotion in your words. Thank you for sharing your heart.
I am weeping. I just lost my mom in much the same way a year and a half ago. You opened my heart up with this authentic and moving piece in a way I needed. Masterful.
This left me speechless with tears in my eyes. Masterfully written.
Absolutely beautiful. So much emotion packed in those words. A wonderful tribute to an obviously wonderful mother.
Good thing I was ready with a tissue--I'm using it. This is beautiful. She must've been a beautiful lady!!
The emotion was vividly written! I loved the form and the little "aside" thoughts. Very, very nice!
Pat, I'm in awe that you could write a poem of such surpassing beauty when these events are so recent and so raw. You're my hero.
Sometimes words are inadequate—and this is one of them. What a memory to treasure.
Beautiful - especially the final stanza. What a wonderful gift from your mother.
Oh my, this is written with such feeling and tenderness. I just love it. "Very-very" good!
I am also amazed that you could do this so soon after the events. This is absolutely touching and deep and heartwrenching. I hope it was also therapeutic, my dear friend.
Such love, your are bery blessed, in many ways.
You crystallized forever the beautiful sad/happy moments of your mother's journey to heaven. The words "beep of moments fading" captured so much meaning.
So sad. Lovely.
This evokes so much emotion that it can only be described in one word, bittersweet. What a wonderful woman this was, what a wonderful tribute and message you delivered from her to us, the reader. What a tremedous way to demonstrate hope for us all.
You say so very-very much with so few words. Tears... thanks for writing deep from your heart.
Wow...While this story has a very sad element to it, I find great hope in it.

I picture a woman ready to meet her maker, but at the same time, she also wants to be sure that her family knows how much she cares, before she makes the transition from her frail Earthly body to her beautiful brand new Heavenly body.

To be able to deliver such a powerful message amidst the mourning is very commendable. A beautiful tribute!
You brought me back to my goodbye with my dad. This was emotional, real, and anointed. I'm sure it wasn't easy to write. Thank you for doing so.
Wow, this is powerful stuff. What a comfort it must be to those who have been in this situation. Awesome work.
That was beautiful. It brought back memories of my mother's last days in hospital. Wonderfully written Pat.
The last line of this is so special! It really did take something to write this and Kudos to you for writing it! You captured every emotion here and ended it with slivers of hope and love mixed together. Beautiful writing! ^_^
Yes- I loved this! It was beautifully written and touched me so much. You did a great job and I loved the ending!!