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This is so creative and perfect for the topic. Who would know better than our shoes if we're walking the talk or not. From the play on words in the title to the message at the end, this one is a keeper.
I enjoyed the unique POV for this story, and the word play, too.
Clever and creative. Love the voice AND the message.
Wonderful story. I loved the POV you took in this piece. Creative, engaging, and humourous.
Personally I don't care for stories with objects being the MC, but it's obvious that you have writing talent. Your skill is evident here, keep writing.
This reminds me of an old Sunday School song--"A Sermon In Shoes." I loved that song, and this was clever.
There is nothing better than a pair of broken-in comfortable shoes—they are always "in style" and in demand. Good work.
Interesting view on topic. I like the way the shoes tell of his boss's actions. Nicely done.
This was unique. I was confused at first, but I figured it out and it was clever indeed.
At first I couldn't figure out who the MC was, then it finally clicked, and I thought to myself "Very clever."

I really liked the whole idea of the man's shoes being worn out helping other people get shoes.

Superb writing!
I love it! Creative and great message to boot! (I couldn't resist...)
This is VERY, VERY creative using the shoe's POV for this piece! I can honestly say that I've never read something like this before. You did great with the bit of humor and especially with the proverb of the week. Nice job! ^_^
Very clever idea! I loved the comment: "He knows it is time to put us up because his dogs start barking." LOL I haven't heard that for a long while. A very unique way of getting the topic across. Well done!
I love this, Debbie! How clever. I've never read a story before from a shoe's point of view! LOL!