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We should all seek His face and rely on Him instead of reacting to what others do or say. Great story!
I take it she had no power to fire Steve? That's what I would have done, no problems at all.

But you're probably right...God was using Steve as a tool to smooth the rough edges off of her, so it was probably for the best that she let him slide...still, I would have handed him a pink slip and said 'good riddance to bad rubbish."

>>> Please help me to see him through your eyes. <<<

There's a whole sermon in that line. You could substitute a lot of different words for "him" there...people in general, life, the world, the gospel, the, if we only could see everything the way He does - the eternal implications are staggering....

Thanks for posting.
I am retired now but how well I remember those days and lessons learned as I turned to Jesus for much needed help.

Well written.

Good job with an even better message inside. God bless you.
I love this entry. Seeing other's through God's eyes is what it's all about. And so hard to do. Excellent writing.