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Ugh; what a horrid couple! You depicted them wonderfully, and nailed the topic.
Great characterization of a grumpy old man, right down to the exaggerated "when I was a kid". The amazing little details bring the story to life. Love it!
Oh, I could just see this pair of crabs! But I've gotta tell you, I couldn't quite get past lime salad? With cottage cheese????? No wonder they're crabby. (lol). Seriously, you have to send me that recipe, because I just can't imagine it...

I love your subtle don't bash us over the head with this proverb, you just let it sneak up on us. Masterful.
Very well written and subtle. These two are so contrary! I know a few people like this! LOL
Grrrr. I just wonder why those kids don't visit anymore...that was enough of a visit for me! I'd say they cut off their noses. The title ties in great, too.
The description and dialogue are really good. (And I like the lime salad with cottage cheese too!) Nice work.
Wonderful! I agree with the other comments that I certainly wouldn't want to spend much time in THAT living room :) Great characters.
I wondered with the spelling of neighbo/u/rhood if the lime salad was an English or Australian kind of thing??
Anyway, your characterization was done perfectly to prove the topic.
I felt like I was listening in on this conversation. Great writing! I hope and pray I never "grow up" to be like these two!
Oh, what a great job of depicting this grumpy couple...loved all the details. And I've had lime jello salad with cottage cheese, not tooo bad!
Is their last name "Goobers"? 'Cos if it was, you could call them "Grumpy Goobers". Great portrayal of some moaners and groaners. Yeah, I wonder why their kids don't come around any more??? Can't think why...
Wonderfully written
Yep...I wonder why. :) This is great...I love their dialog. This was fun to read.
HI - enjoyed your story it was easy to read and quite humorous. Thank you.
Wow! How many of these poor grumpier old men have I encountered in my life! Yelp, yelp, yelp...why doesn't anybody love me?

My small group ministered at a retirement home for a while and it was very sad trying to bring hope to those who had all but given up.

I hope a bright evangelist knocks on their door soon! :)
Love the dialogue, the characterizations, and the descriptions. Whew! What a couple. Poor things-they have no idea, do they? And I HAVE heard of lime salad-I've seen it at church potlucks when I was growing up-never wanted to give it a try, though. (;
I love how subtle you are about making your point in this piece. Great writing.
Thanks for this word picture, perfect title! Keep wiriting.
Gee - I wonder why they don't come around? ;) Excellent characterization and dialog, as usual for you. Great title too. Wonderful, as always.
I could see and hear this whole scenes ... just like a movie! I loved the very detailed looks you gave us, such as the wind blowing the leaves and the ruffles of his hair. that was great. Very unique way to illustrate the topic and again : subtly done!
Sadly, this story reminded me of my dad's parents. Always grumbling and complaining about the new trends and the cost of everything. Needless to say, we didn't always like going over to their house to visit. :)

Very engaging story and characters. I loved it!
I know some people my age who will be this old couple some day! A good reminder to enjoy every day and to be grateful for every blessing! And I have had jello and cottage cheese, and, oddly enough, it is actually quite good!
I sure don't blame the grandkids for never coming around! Wow...what a No, odd doesn't quite do this couple justice! You did well with the topic here and it was funny for me as I read it to see where the story was going. I loved the line with "God's green earth" very creative. ^_^
It's a wonder that old codger's milk didn't sour by just his handling it. And, if it's true you grow to be like the one you're married to, then these two are perfect bookends. However, that being said, I did enjoy the read...and maybe even agreed on a few of their converstaional points as well : )