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Your title is perfect, as is your lesson. I smiled as I read of the son's obsession with a wedding location and the mother's wisdom in dealing with it. This entry is very creative.
This is sweet, loved the last line!
I love this story! Very well done and right on target. The lesson is super, too.
Right on the theme, I think, and an excellent lesson to boot! Good job.
As much as I love cricket, I don't think I'd want to be married at the SCG.

Very well written, and a perfect example of the topic. Oh my, missing out on the game because of 5 minutes at the end. What a goose (or should that be a duck?).
Sounded like a true slice of life, thanks for sharing.
This is a great story that perfectly illustrates the topic. I loved the wise mother, as well as the maturing son.
Yup, thank goodness you had him listen to Mom. If you had ended it the other way, I'd have marked this one for a one-on-one as soon as your name showed up on it, hahaha.
Yes! And you know what I mean.
What a moving storyline. How refreshing to see a son take advice BEFORE making the big mistake. Great wisdom here and VERY well-written.
I enjoyed this double illustration of the topic.
Ha! Lovely imaginings here ... I hope it comes true all, especially the writing dream, and except for the potential cancellation of the wedding. Fun. I enjoyed the way your boy turned man rose at the end and hugged you over the back of the chair - lovely. Well done.