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oohh! So everyone's plans/surprise was spoiled. I loved your animal descriptions, " Yo-Yo, the “nutball cat from outer space,” greeted her with a tail lasso and purring loud enough to wake the goldfish, Buggles." Your pet names are just plain fun. Your title is cute. You are definitely on topic. Nice work.
Cute title. Sad ending. I felt sad at the end as if she'd only let go of the anger earlier, she might've seen what they were trying to surprise her with. Nice job. ^_^
I can tell you're an animal lover - your descriptions of the cat, especially, are wonderfully visual. A great piece with a great message.
There's so much to love here--what a unique and engaging voice!

A few things--I was never sure how old Cindy Lou was; I kept changing my opinion on that throughout the piece. And the rows of commas were a bit distracting, a simple three dots will do for an ellipsis.

This is creative, witty, with a superb irony at the end.

Being a cat lover, Yo-Yo is perfect. This is unique and I enjoyed it in spite of the sad end.
Oh I had a bad feeling when she ate the ice cream. Very well written!
Good story. I did not see that ending coming. I was a bit confused as to how old the character was, though. Overall, a good mix of humor and sadness.
I think I'd have called this one, No One Would Notice Anyway. You caught the MC's attitude perfectly, and the twist at the end was great.
Humor, sadness and regret all rolled into one story. Well done, well done!
The title hooked me into reading this. All I can say is, "Ditto, Ditto," to Lynne's words above!!