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Ooooh. I liked this. Very well written - drew me right in and held me captive throughout. You showed that it truly is a battle we fight - not against flesh & blood but a spiritual battle and whether we win or lose will determine where we spend eternity. Thanks for this brutal wake-up call reminding me that evil does, indeed, have no limit. But fortunately, love's boundaries stretch even farther.
Excellent entry.
Blessings, Lynda
Nice job! Not exactly a world that I can relate to but it does a good job of bringing out the truth that noone has sinned more than God is willing to forgive.
Excellent! You painted a vivid picture of evil, love, restoration and loss. I loved it.
The way you started and finished with the 'unfinished business' and 'nine lives' was clever. What an awful lifestyle ... always living in fear ... yet you brought eternal life and eternal judgement into it too. Well done.
So sad when parents go to eternity without the Lord. (sigh) A well written story, Love phrases like the Lord’s luminous ways
This is so good!
You portrayed an evil lifestyle, perseverance and hope very well. Good job.
A taste of the awfulness of life in a mob family.
Good job at giving a taste of the awfulness of life in a mob family.
Oh, and I forgot to say, you also did a good job showing hope and God's grace. :-)
JJ, sometimes you worry me! ;-)

Good writing! Great message!
 Wow, a very powerful and, I'm sure, realistice view of what a mofia family must experience - no 'true' loyalty. I respected the Christian view and am happy Uncle Sal made the right choice; too bad for Carmella's dad.