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This is so full of depth. On one layer you told a story, down deeper lay the regret of the MC, and at the possible deepest level laid a message for all of us as we picture ourselves rocking in a chair at an older age pondering what might have been if we had only acted differently now. What a way to take a topic and make it stick. Well done.
Regret is the casualty of spite and so final a punished course to be left with! Tragic! I took pause in my young years and considered the cost of possible regret and I'm blessed that I did. My own marriage turned around in such a miraculous way that I've not to had to see what might have been if...
Oh! So sad. You capture some good images and emotions here. My favorite line was the third one in the first verse with the ghosts of bygones-I can see that very clearly in my head. Nice job. ^_^
Excellent poem, right on topic, and so, so, sad.
This is sad and haunting. Your writing is beautiful and descriptive. I really like this.
I like how you brought this back to the rocking chair at the end. Nicely done.