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LOL, I can just picture the maniacal look of crazed obsession on poor George whose passion for tomatoes has turned with a vengence!
He spent afternoons wandering around the yard with an ax in his hand and malice in his eyes.
What a hilarious picture you painted in my head! Good job! Though, I can't say I blame him here. I had mice in my house once, and I thought it was going to be the death of me trying to get rid of them. Though I didn't think of an axe... :0
This brought back memories. We lived in the country for 25 years with no such problem. However, in the last year before we moved,the moles dicided to move in. We tried everything to get rid of them. Nothing worked. Unfortunately, the new owners inherited them. I hope they had better luck than we did.

Loved your story, so real.
Simply too funny! I loved the descriptions you had here, the ax and then the whole garden exploding! Lol. Too funny! ^_^
Hilarious, from the title to the last word.
Who would have thought a story about a mole could be interesting? The writing was clever. I could actually picture the war torn backyard! Made me hope there really would be another story installment to come.