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Proof that 750 words is not always necessary to get a point across—and to do it well. Good work.
Very nicely done. This would be a great start to a book.
Very well done and in a sparse number of words. The reader's task to read between the lines made it as interesting as what was written.
So few words, yet so much emotion and content, and so true to life. An apology achieves so much more than a myriad of excuses. Well done.
Short with a powerful punch. Very well done!
Yes, it works! I think we've all been there, and the lack of detail (names, features, specific offence, etc.) makes this extremely relatable.
simply beautiful. Moving. Anointed.
More MORE! Thanks for showing us that breivity can work, but still, more please.
Simple, rich, beautiful.
Hey there, Maxx--not only do I think this story is excellent, I also featured it on my "Jan's Master Class" thread as an example of effective use of alliteration in prose. Now I'm curious...was it intentional?
Okay, Maxx, who are you ...really? I know you have to be some famous author using a penn name on FW! Your writing is so mature and it should win 1rst place every time!