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Your story is very heart-warming. I think we all could really identify with Anne, in wishing we'd acted differently in certain situations. Your ending is very nice and your title is a great reminder! Very nice writing.
Anne was SO me when I was a teen. Your characterization is very good - and a wonderful lesson.
Wow! This brought tears to my eyes. Good writing!
You captured the characters' thoughts well.
You captured some typical, yet not-so-pleasant teenage attitudes in your well-crafted dialogue. Touching story.
So many times we regret the words we say in anger, frustration, or out of just plain selfihness. You illustrated the topic very well in this story! I love your characters and the honest dialogue between mom and daughter. Very touching and heart-warming.
Regret can be good, if it pushes us forward and not backwards. Well done Rita! This is writing at its best. Bravo!
A lovely story. Touching and well written.
Your story truly warmed my heart and ministered to my spirit. I guess I needed to hear a piece that was "true, lovely, good and praiseworthy." Thank you for sharing this.
I've felt exactly the same way--it's been a LONG time since I was a teenager, but I was very much like your character, at times. This was one that I needed to read.
That really touched a chord in me--from both ends--the teen and the mom. Great reminder to cherish the good...thank you! Hugs!
Lovely story. An excellent reminder to cherish the moment just in case there isn't another one.
Your title hints and gently reminds us that we should always remember to cherish the good. I needed this. Thanks for writing such a beautiful piece. You've made my day! ^_^
The earphones, the eye rolling, the "whatever" were so in-character that I felt like I knew your teen. Your development of her character was excellent. And when the Mom's smile had the sparkle again, I thought that was a wonderful conclusion to your sweet story.