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Love the title. Great lesson right on theme.
Ooo. Very good. This is a great example of the topic, and it's different from so many others. A very wise move on the church's part!
Perfect for the topic, and really strikes a nerve with me; we have a brand new casino just a few miles from here, and a LOT of Christians are going there, and don't see any problem with it. Grrrrr.

Well done, Allison!
You show so clearly how we often try to make excuses for our questionable associations.
I missed the significance of your title until the very end very clever. I agree with Jan; its good to see Christian writing tackling the moral corruption of gambling.
Nice writing and a good story for the topic. I felt kinda sorry for Buck, though. But I understand the church's viewpoint too. As always, Allison, great writing!
Magfificent job with the conflict dialogue and the telling of this man's heart. In all honesty you brought up excellent arguments for both sides. I think I know how I would have voted, but your writing gave me cause to consider why.
You were brave to tackle this topic. Way to go.
Excellent! A great take on this topic. I enjoyed this piece.
Right on point with a strong message. Well done.
Wonderful! I could see the logic of the arguments on both sides, and the extension of the theme that could be used to examine some of our own actions. What are we ok with that could speak volumes against us? Thought provoking and very well written.
Congratulations on your EC Allison. This is a great story, and so relevant. Wonderful job with the topic.
Congratulations, Allison! A great story!
Excellent entry and you nailed the topic. Congrats on EC.
Allison, way to go girl!!!!!!! Congrats on EC. God bless.
Congratulations on your EC! Way to go!
How, great moral to this story, really glad they held their ground. Congrats and can't wait for more.
Very real-to-life and engaging. Definitely not dull, you silly girl ;). Congrats on your well-deserved placing, my friend!