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This excellent retelling of a familiar tale from HER point of view really touched me.
Wonderfully portrayed and written.
Excellent writing :) You really captured the whole atmosphere of where she walked and how she felt. You don't mean to say though, that an imperfect woman could kneel in front of Jesus and he's ok with that???? ;):P
This captured me, and even once I knew who she was - I had to keep reading. Beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful and touching rendition of this Bible story. I was absolutely swept away.
Very much on target!!!!!! And extremely well written. A classic. Loved every line. A story I'll reread many times. God bless.
Beautiful story. There are a few grammar issues, but you made the woman's heart come alive for us.
This is a beautiful recreation of the Biblical story. I'm glad I had a box of Kleenex handy.
Oh, this is pure poetry, my friend! How beautifully and skillfully written! I could literally hear the rustling of silk and taste the salt of her tears in this piece. Truly lovely in every way!
Wonderful dramatization of a famous story. I especially loved how all the men looked away, except for the One who looked at her heart.
Beautifully written. I could see hear, smell and feel it all. My red pen won't be needed here.
This is like fine music- it resonates and resounds and leaves a stirring in your soul that can't be quenched. I loved this story before and I love it even better now. Excellent work. Hugs
Wonderful writing, as always. I love the contrast of the first and last sentences, and the oxymoron in your title.
oh, I am blown away by your ability. You wrote this in such a way that it was as if I could see the whole thing unfold in my mind. It captured my heart and didn't let it go. Your ending line was perfect.
Your poetic language lifted this story far above the oridnary! A Masterpiece, girlfriend!
Two words comes to mind after reading this: just lovely. You could just feel this woman's turmoil and finally her sacrfice. But mostly you could sense the deep, unguarded love for this strange man. Why? I think it is because she sensed He loved her first and your writing brought this out beautifully.
I am glad to see this from HER point of view. It's a completely different feeling. You made me feel as if I were right there through the whole journey, the ending, though, that was my favorite-great last line! ^_^
Evocative and beautiful.
This was a pleasure to read again, and I should have told you how much I enjoyed it the first time.
Wonderful illustration of the proverb, and excellent writing. You made a very familiar Bible story seem completely new.
This is a wonderful retelling of a Bible story. I was captivated. It's one of my favorites this week.
You brought this story to life in a masterful way and bring its message to the forefront.
"And today, an unfamiliar twinge in the pit of her stomach hurried her pace as she passed familiar strangers."