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A shock of recognition. I, too, am turning 50 this year and I call it my "jubilee year." Thank you for this article that struck a cord! May this time be a time of grace for us and new beginnings.
Nice article. I see fifty as the time of the Phoenix, the new arising. As a post 50 I can only look back and say, that's about the time I woke up.
Great perspective on ageing. Love phrases like: They knew the evanescent nature of embodied being, the transient disposition of the immediate and external.
A very positive and uplifting way to look at life and aging.
I enjoyed reading your words of wisdom.
A very unique approach to this week's topic. I very much enjoyed the wisdom that was contained within! Congrats on its HC recognition!! Way to GO!!
What a lot of truth contained here in this short piece. I love the concepts of the Jubilee Year and also of the crone years. It stands in real contrast, as you say, to our society which has a bias against aging. Well done, and (for what it is worth!) I agree that this is well worthy of the highly commended recognition!
P.S. from Suzanne - I just noticed that this is also in the editors choice selection and therefore in THE BOOK! Well done! And well deserved!
Encouraging words for women at a time we most need it -- Thank you, Helga, for providing a well-written, Biblical approach to the topic, and reminding us of the importance of our new role while giving us something to look forward to! Congratulations on placement and publication!