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Wow. Some really tense moments there! I'm glad nobody died though, I really wanted to know if Simon would learn his lesson there. I liked the names you gave the boats, "The Mermaid" and "Sea Hawke" very descriptive piece! ^_^
A lesson well learned, and very well described. Nice imagery here and lots of action... an enjoyable read.
Loved this adventure. The confidence of youth got me in trouble more than once, so I can relate to Simon. Great descriptions of the action. Great ending, too.
There's great depth in this piece, and I love how you didn't preach at the end.
This is very visual, and it reads like a scene from a movie. I could practically feel the salt spray. Perfect interpretation of the proverb.
This is suspensful and very well written. You've captured the topic well. Love your descriptions. A great read.
Good stuff Chrissy! I love this type of story. Adventure... trouble... rescue. Fitted the topic perfectly.
Wow! So much action, even thougth it's a short article. I was 'engulfed in the story, it was so enjoyable to read. This would make a great novel.
Wonderful writing!
This is expertly written. I was glued to my computer, hanging on each word. You must really know about sailing/fishing. I don't, but this seemed completely authentic. A+. Bravo.
This was quite an adventure to experience. You put me right there, but not as the whale. I'm sea-sick now.

The ending of your piece was in the perfect spot.
Right on topic! Great story. I liked the choice of names, too. Matched well with the fishing scene. :-)
Your story felt very authentic and had great pace. It kept me hooked (*groan) to the end.
Great writing, you really had me going with all the suspense there.
This definitely read as if it was a fisherman's manifesto. Super job dear friend!
Great sensory details and rising tension. Terrific application of the proverb.
Chrissy, good for Norm! This is a very good, adventurous story. I love it! The descriptions (very keenly done) and the characterizations are top-notch.
This one would be a winner for me if I were a judge. So original, exciting, and on-topic.
This definitely had me captivated. That was a lesson that boy would not too soon forget.
Your story captivated me from the title to the last sentence. All I can say is "please continue with this story.... I want more!"
Wow! This is fast-paced and gripping. Excellent story with a great meassage.
You do an excellent job of naming the boats, but my first reaction as I started reading was that Simon was well named. He sounds so much like my Simon.
Great job drawing the reader into the story. I agree, I want more.
Chrissy, I loved this story. I enjoyed readingt it and it would also be perfect for a young boys to read. Nice lesson to be learned. I felt like I was there with Simon. It was action-packed. Very exciting! Awesome writing, girlfriend!
Absolutely exciting and action-packed. A wonderful read - and absolutely deserving of 6th in advanced (not to mention 20th overall!). Wonderful, my dear friend.