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Your title is very creative, and the rest of the piece is as well. I love the little girl saying she wanted to be a "famous picture drawer." That warmed my heart.
Right on topic. Would have liked more about how Alisha got there.
Oh, I love this! Sometimes kids can see things so clearly. This is very endearing.
Ditto to Laura's comments. Great job.
Ahhhh! I liked the way you made us see the little girl's face change with her emotions, so realistic.
I'm not sure the ending was necessary. The message was obvious in the daughter's words.
Well done.
I enjoyed this sweet story. It was good to see how his daughter's encouragement, and fledgling artistry, factored in to his staying the course with his new firm.
Touching story! Love the characters and the fast forward to the future to see how it all turned out.
Precious story with an awesome title!
Good title ; ). Red Ink: I would try to use the word "was" less frequently. There are so many other words you coud use to color it up a bit. I liked the "famous picture drawer" line!
What a sweet story. Very nicely done. God is amazing to touch our lives so deeply, even from our young children.
I really enjoyed reading this.
Yes. Great art can be the meaning that is put in to it rather than the skill with which it is drawn. I hope many of the other level 1's read this piece for this wonderful message of encouragement it contains.
In 750 words you packed a lot of teaching and touching sentiments. Good job and great ending.
Lovely story with great characterizations. I enjoyed the dialogue, too.
What a darling little girl! I love her character, she's so sweet and the childlike innocence that shows the truth is just perfect! I liked the 'famous picture drawer' that was really cute, this was a good example, and I'm glad that he stuck with his job until the end. Great stuff! ^_^
This is excellent. The story captures the theme perfectly, has strong characters, and teaches a spiritual lesson, too.
That was very touching. It actually brought tears to my eyes. So well written indeed.
I enjoyed the dad's thoughts as he looked at his little girl's picture, very endearing. Great descriptive writing on topic.
Oh - glad you linked to this, Jerry! Missed it the first time, but I'm so glad you pointed me in the right direction. Love the way you gave that picture such meaning. Enjoyed this.
I could totally picture each crease of the paper intensifying her excitement. This was a sweet story, I'm glad you used it for Fiction Friday!
If I remember right, this one choked me up the first time I read it, too. I love it, Gerald!