The Official Writing Challenge
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Oh, I love it when MOM gets it right!!!! :) I enjoyed this rhyme...
Spot on topic, and nicely crafted. I especially like the last stanza.

Surely none of us have been like this? :-)
Love the easy reading, natural rhythm of this poem. The verses expertly express the topic this week, too! Exactly on the mark.
Um, I resemble this:
"Some folks have tried to caution me.
They say to start out slow.
I answer them, “That’s not my style,”
As hurrying I go."
:) A fun poem, love the Proverb paraphrase, and that it was that that changed her mind to listen to her mom.
Great entry!
Love the words of wisdom at the end. Very enjoyable poem.
Super poem, it's the whole package. Love it!
This is very cute, and a great illustration of the topic.
Funny how the older we get, the smarter our mothers seem to have become! Very well done.
Such an enjoyable read! Great job...
Great meter, great theme, great everything!
Reminds me of 'mother knows best'! This was short and sweet, I liked how the lines rhymed (you're so good at that!) and especially how this new writer was going to be famous-ah, the dreams of fame and fortune. Great writing! ^_^
Wonderful poem! I really like how the dreams of fame come before the work of getting there. I also liked the refusal to take a writing class or to pay attention to puncuation. Classic. Great job.
Congratulations on your EC!!!!
MOther gets it right...were the judges all mothers, cuz they got it right!!!! ;)
Way to write, Verna! ***Congrats!***
Verna -- Two weeks in a row! Congrats on your level placing and EC! Wonderful writing here!
Way to go Verna. Congratulations on your EC. Great job. :)
Yahoo and welcome to the next room in the tree house!
Congratulations on your EC placement - and with a POEM, no less. Hooray!
A well-deserved win, my loving friend. Now it onward and upward! I'm so proud of you!
Way to go, Verna!! It's obvious that you can write with one hand tied behind your back!...literally! Hospitals and surgeries slow most people down, but not you, my friend! Haha! You are really great at showin' us how it's done! I love this delightful poem. Kewl.
I love writing poetry and you have given me the inspiration to continue. I love the ending, surely the ultimate plan is to let God lead us. God's blessings to you -keep writing:-)

Congrats on EC. I chuckled while reading this - I would *never* try to hurry in my writing. ;-D