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I need my conscience to speak more often. lol
Delightful and well written!
Entertaining and cleverly written, from title to end.
Oooh...this spoke to me today! I can no longer have sweets and my--what a bummer that is. Love the voice and the back and forth arguing between what the MC knows should be done and what she wants to do. Very entertaining.
Of course the title is catchy, also loved the bantering with the conscious. Hope she can be successful.
I laugh - haha - I was just thinking of making cookies (for my family of course)! I am having second thoughts, third and fourth ones too. Grrr - thanx ; )
I like this one - very creative!
Hey, why did you write about me?! Oh, you didn't, I wouldn't have tore up the certificate! LOL! Very good story.
Great voice! Love all the little details and the running conversation between her and her conscience.
Excellent message wrapped in humour. Well written.
The moment where she saw herself in the mirror was so on target. It is so easy to just keep our own image of ourselves in our mind and never actually look at what we truly look like.
I like the Conscience-Schmonscience line! Very funny. I wish I'd known Carla was going to tear up the gift certificate, though--I'd have given her my address.

Very funny, and perfect for the topic.
Okay, now I feel guilty about baking and eating brownies yesterday! Great illustration with lots of fun dialogue. I loved it!
This is one of my favorite titles this week. Good job on the female POV. That's why I've taken down all the mirrors in my house. Not offensive at all IMHO. Glad you got out of your box.
Clever, you might have put the thoughts in italics, but none the less, the storyline worked. Thanks
Laugh-out-loud funny--How sweet and true! This one could be a skit at church...
ROFL! This is too funny! I didn't think she would tear up the certificate, I thought she'd give it away or something. This is just too funny. Great job here-with the switching back and forth, I absolutely loved this piece! ^_^
Poor Carla Mae. I can relate since my husband and I are trying to eat healthier. This was a joy to read. Kudos.
Would you glue that cerrificate back together and send it to me? I promise I'll get just one brownie. :-) Very enjoyable story.
Oh I'll take the certificate! Great writing, I could feel her emotion. Great inspiration for me to follow her lead, now I'll feel guilty eating sweets. :)
Clever and entertaining and I've heard that voice before, too - just not about dieting. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don't and most times I wish I had when I hadn't. I'm glad she did, but I wish she had given the GF to some other deserving soul. : ) Great job.
This is a wonderfully unique take on the topic. And the last paragraph is perfect!
This hits a little too close to home. :) Your title is great and your entry is entertaining. I had a hard time with her tearing up the gift certificate too. (I wonder what that says about me.) :) Great writing. :)