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What a creative idea...and a beautiful and unique take on our topic this week! Kudos! Make that a triple! And give a fellow writer a "comment", ok?
The character's voices are just right. I love the fast-paced tempo of this piece, and the last paragraph. Good stuff.
Boy, I'd hate to be the miserly Christian who decided to just take the money and run that day, wouldn't you? What a let-down that would have been! Love the voice and the dialogue you came up with in this story. The characters are realistic and fun to read.
Hey - this was a fun read with good dialogue and a point well made - the church is it's people - regardless of denomination.
Great fun! Well written, and a pleasure to read. :) Cat.
Really, really cute, a fun read and a very creative take on the topic. This one's a real keeper.
Wonderful illustration and you kept my attention from the beginning to the end. Great story.
I LOVE this! Great message, right on topic, great dialogue. Excellent!!!
Pay it forward. Yes! I love this. Excellent message, well written, and just a plain ole good read.
super creative laura lots of fun and really sparky - good message too in a contemporary setting!
Is this based on a true story because my DD just told me a story like this yesterday. I liked the way you wrote it.
I've seen it happen before myself. It really is amazing to watch.
I really like this. It sounds as if it could be happening right this very moment in a starbucks down the road. VERY realistic dialouge and I liked the nickname of "Seminary Sam" That was an interesting touch, but the best piece was the ending with the $100 bill. Very nice!
This was a lot of fun to read. Very good, realistic dialogue -- and a great message. Nice job with the topic.
Gotta LOVE this one!!! Great story...everything about it.
Laura, I love this! Great writing, wonderful concept of The Church:)
I can't believe I missed this wonderful entry! Fantastic story and message, yes.... let's all pay it forward!