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Your descriptions are so vivid they are practically tactile. This gives me chills whenever I read it.
MAJOR GOOSEBUMPS! What more can I say?
I love to read stories that give me a glimpse of the spiritual realm beings and how they interact with we mere mortals. Very touching!
Love the POV and the way this piece flowed from the general to the specific and on into the lives of the churchgoers. Nicely written.
Aw, phooey, Catrina...this is the piece I tried, and failed, to write.

Stunningly beautiful.
I loved the phrase, "The trinity was in motion." This is one of the most unique entries I've ever read. Wonderful interpretation!
This was very well written. Red ink is that it seems very busy--you packed almost too much into the short piece, and I would have felt more peace on reaching the end if there weren't so many things that the Spirit touched. How is it that he can do so much and still spread peace yet when we try...???
This writing truly had to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. You had the pulse of His heart and it beat throughout this beautiful piece. Grand writing, grand, grand, grand!
I love your evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in the body through individuals, and also the indication at the end that it is a work in progress, that it will continue. THis is SO encouraging!
That is in my one word impression of this lovely piece! What an awesome piece of writing, I enjoyed seeing the different views here.

RED PEN: The paragraph where the Bailey's have been church hopping, the second sentence would have a little more added if it were in its own paragraph-just a thought.
"Now, hours later, here in the stillness of the shadowy church and along the tendrils of Love snaking from heart to heart through the Body, the Spirit continues His work." - Absolutely touching, fantastic writing.
At risk of gushing, your writing here is achingly beautiful, poetic actually. Such spiritual depth can only mean you have a REAL heart for the Lord and He is using you to draw others to Himself.
This is beautiful, full, and whole. In just a few words...I loved it.
Wow! From title to end, just WOW! This is my favorite line, and I will never forget it:

The Trinity was in motion.

The very thought of it makes me tremble. In a good way.
When you read something and it leaves you speechless, what can you type? Catrina, this was wonderful.
Cat, congratulations on a prize-winning entry, no matter the place! Great writing!
Yeah and way to go! This is so derserving of placement!
God's continued blessings on your writing. See you in Masters soon, I'm sure!
Congratulations on your EC. This is absolutely beautiful.
I love stories that describe the way the Spirit works. You did an awesome job of covering both the seen and unseen in this story. Great job my friend!
"Now, hours later, here in the stillness of the shadowy church and along the tendrils of Love snaking from heart to heart through the Body, the Spirit continues His work."

Now that's writing! Thanks for the great prose and message.

Congratulations on your EC win. This is one of my all-time favorites...just beautiful.
I "heard" a bit of chatter on the boards about your entry so I looked for it. I absolutlely loved it. Being a Pastor's wife, I could totally visualize the works of the Spirit in services past just like you wrote it.
Holy goosebumps on the reading of your beautiful piece!!! I always look to see what the people who comment on my writing are writing, and I'm always amazed at the incredible talent in this place we visit called FW. Thanks for your comments to me, and I will look to you in the future as a writer who's style is fearlessly vulnerable and hauntingly beautiful. May God bless whomever you touch with your pen.
ooppss... whose, not who's... it's late here :)
Oh dear. I'm so excited I clicked the wrong key! I've been away from Faithwriters for a couple of years. Imagine my delight to feel welcomed home by stumbling onto this beautiful piece. Thank you, Catrina, for trusting your words to us, the church.