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It was almost comical if not so seriously true of human thought... "I wondered what was wrong with me, thinking about making friends with a janitors wife."

Aren't we grateful God is gracious enough not to expose what flits though our brains before we've had time to filter through the Holy Spirit?

Good insight and writing!
A good lesson learned and well written. "Fitting In" was a good choice for the Title...and I enjoyed the read and the excellent message. Well done.
This certainly held my interest, having worked for mission orgs. for many years. The pride you speak of is something all of us wrestle with. "God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble" is a Bible verse I repeat to myself each day since I know that spiritual pride could very well be my downfall. I'm glad that you are trying to fit in. It's not easy.
Very good insight. I enjoyed this read.
I love uncomplicated, honest, open little congregations. If they're quirky, so much the better! This is such an example of the kind of church I grew up in. Lovely story!
It's, mostly, difficult to adapt to a new church and its people especially with our prejudices. I enjoy this real-to life story. Thanks for sharing and well done.
Thanks for this brave testimony--I'm so glad that the Lord worked on your heart...

The first sentence reads a bit awkwardly; you might want to re-work it to provide a better "hook." And "O" is usually used poetically--in prose, it's more common to use "Oh".

I loved it when the prayer list jogged your memories of the ladies, and was the starting point for your change of heart.