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This brings Martha and Mary to life so vividly that I felt like I was a visitor in their kitchen. I loved the story.
This is a great behind the scenes look at a familiar Bible story. I didn't realize it, but Jesus was the first to start a Christian home group wasn't he? Wonderful writing. Big thumbs up.
Oh - do I ever LOVE LOVE LOVE this. The slow revelation of who these women were was absolutely delicious, and your characterization is just stunning. I haven't read much yet this week, but I can almost guarantee this is going to be one of my very favorites. Good stuff!
You did a great job of bringing this Bible story to life. The dialogue was excellent. I feel like I "know" Martha and Mary now.
I just love Martha. She's really trying to do her best and I just know that she "got it" when Jesus spoke with her. Great behind-the-scenes dialogue.
Mary and Martha are two of my favorite New Testament individuals and I too have thought about the conversations they must have had together. You did this beautifully.
The other commentators have touched all the bases—and I agree with them all. You did a great job of bringing these two women to life.
Your depiction of these women is perfect ...and extremely convicting.
Where would we be without our Martha's? They are the ones who make sure everyone is comfortable and has had plenty to eat. Much of what they do, we will never know. We're always so hard on poor Martha:) Great story!
Great retelling of an old story, giving it a fresh appearance.
This is a wonderful retelling of one of my favorite lessons in the Bible. You did an awesome job of giving us a behind the sceens look. Great job!
This was awesome! You brought the Bible to life here, great job!
LOVE this! Written in skit form, this would be a very effective setup to a message or a women's conference. I could feel Martha's desperation and wanted to go help her make things perfect for Jesus.
WOW! I love this new look at Mary and Martha, it makes the story so real! I never saw it like that, two sisters and thier differences being so different. This was great! I wish I could read more about what happened next, you did so well with this piece!
Magnificent--a masterful piece! The Master smiles as you write.
This story absolutely made the characters come to life, beautifully written.
Love your opening scene, I could actully smell the herbs. Then I got convicted, have to admit I tend to carry the "Martha" syndrom around like a banner.
This kind of writing helps me to see why that banner should be laid to rest...but oh, it is such a struggle.
Really enjoyed the pace and rhythm of this piece, it was gentle and like I said, convicting. Sota like a velvet hammer. Great job!
I love the pacing of their conversation. Authentic in every respect--well done!
Super dialog and conveying Martha's feelings and frustrations!! You really brought this story alive--I love it. Hugs!
That's beautiful, I loved every word. I worked out almost immediately who the MCs were, and I loved the ending where you connected it to the Bible passage but let us finish it in our minds.
Okay, so you didn't write "A momdern day mary and martha".
This was/is a classic what "proably happened" story to a great Biblical account. Great dialogue, using it to define your characters. The story had an enjoyable pace, was written flawlessly and has a superb message. I love the smell of fresh bread. You really involved the senses in this piece, the opening especially. A great story I wished I would have read sooner. God bless. Oh yes, your title was one of my picks for two best for the week. (Now that I've seen it, lol) God bless again.
Just now trying to catch up on some reading that I have missed out on in the past few weeks. I have to tell you first of all I was delighted to read a Martha/Mary story: for my two cents worth, there are never too many. It's so interesting to see the sisters from a variety of angles as they exist in the minds of the individual writers, like a many-faceted jewel. You made me feel as if I too were a guest in their home, eager to visit with the Master, and you made me chuckle since I knew that Martha would eventually come to know the full identity of Jesus. Mid- you just did so many things well with this its hard to include all. Wonderful writing.
Oh, Martha, martha...

This is a line that the Lord speaks all too often to me.

Being like martha is what I all too often am.

And I like your story... :) very much.