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Good allegory, and I like the wry voice of your narrator.
Very clever. I just read your whole entry and just now got your title:) Good job!
Wow, what a group. It'd be fun to listen in on this group every week. Very cool analogy and fun to read, too. The title is perfect.
Fun and clever - I really liked the voice.
I enjoyed all the plays on words. It made this a fun read.
This is just hilarious! I loved the sarcasim (it's so me) and it just kept me reading!

Keep up the great writing!
Awesome title and cute ending! Loved it.
Heehee! this was just too funny to read! I liked the word play on the names and especially the dry humor-I was laughing at the last few lines. "Makeup is Mandatory" Too funny! Great job with this!
You kept me laughing through the entire story. I loved your wordplay! Very nice.
Your name symbolism is really wonderful. I loved most of all the sad, yet hilarious, thoughts of your mc.
What a fun read! It'd be fun to hear more from these neighbors. I didn't get the title until I read Laury's comment (I love it!!) Good job!!
Wow! I love the 'authentic', 'made-up' character names -- almost Charles Dicken-ish! Names do mean something.
Creative and humorous! Thanks for making me smile from ear to ear :)
This was laugh out loud funny. I must get the Mrs to read it.
This is very funny. I used to be in a group that sounds very much like these people. Fun story to read for the topic.
I love the satire and humor here. You did a wonderful job of getting a strong message across to your audience, by using a brilliant sense of humor.
This cleverly written entry was so much fun to read! I especially liked these names, "Peace Ennie
Price and Pollie Anna Cleaver".
Satire at its best. What a hoot! My favourite line is:
"My mission was to find some dirt on Polly. With grace, of course."
Finally got the 'Pollie-aint-ah-clever' name. Very clever! I like the caricaturing of each character.
This is a difficult one to critique. Requires a bit of thought and study on the piece. Our own styles sometimes make our opinions rather subjective, but here goes:
I'd push the caricaturing a bit harder. Maybe let each of them speak for themselves a bit more, unless the "voice" of the narrator comes up with a wry spin on what they say. Interested to know what others think.