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Are you in touch with my pastor? Have you both been reading the same book? Wow! You have touched just about the closest nerve to my heart - if that makes any sense. Christianity is not about dry-bones intellectualism, hackneyed Christianese or any number of other dead issues. It is about the impact of Christ in our lives. Thank you so-o-o much for this superb article.
Very well-written article here, full of passion and power.
That last line really packs a whallop!
This is one that requires a second read to absorb all that is here. Very well done.
A very good article filled with significant issues and reference material. It also leaves the judgment in God's hands and the individual to make their own choice. Nice way of closing - by inviting the reader in this way. That isn't easy to do with a very informative article.
This was very interesting. Thank you for sharing!
There is such truth in this piece. It touched me very deeply and answered an unspoken prayer I'd had for some time now. Thanks & God bless you for letting the Spirit guide your words in this entry.
Effective presentation on how to change our focus from church activities to relationship with Christ.