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What an original take on Valentine's Day! Written well, with believable characters. This one's a keeper!
Living, breathing characters. What a way to bring hope in such devistation.
Excellent writing from someone who obviously has heard many terrible stories.
Original and stirring, a creative way to tell of the power of love to attempt to overcome even the most horrible. Your use of geographical references gave it authenticity and a perspective of non-fiction. I hope it is made up, but I'm sure the tragedy isn't even if the story is. Well done.
Powerful story! Good historical detail and very interesting.
Creative and powerful - good job
A bold departure from the usual Valentine fare. The voices of your characters are very convincing and the setting is well conveyed. I loved how faith and hope surfaced from such tragic events. Nicely done!
Had me on the edge of my seat. You handled the 'nasty bits' with sensitivity and opened the door to forgiveness and reconcilliation.
What painful memories, but you are ready for hope and reconciliation. Beautifully written.
Fantastic job!
Difficult to read in the hurting spots, but brilliantly executed. This one deserves a win. Congratulations on an outstanding job.
i think you wrote a winner here - beautifully crafted and you transported me back to Africa.
A beautiful story in every way. Wonderful description. I could see Vestina and Benimana playing on the cracked mud flats... Powerful message about forgiveness. In a word - WOW!
I agree. Exceptionally written, a powerful, emotional piece.
Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Touching and believable - beyond well done! Enjoyed this to the end and would like a part two!
I loved this piece, Maxx. It gave me a real insight into another part of the world and the awful awful things that have happened. Into that, you shone a ray of hope. A good friend is married to someone who suffered terribly through all that you describe, so I especially identified with the piece. I wonder how hard it really must be for even a Christian to move on ... don't see these two childhood friends making it as a couple myself, but the article made me think and think again long after reading it. Thanks.
I've worked in Sri Lanka on a few occasions and see this same division between Singulease and Tamil people. You captured the tension, the pain and the remorse very well. What I loved most about this story is that you wrote through the POV of a young girl. You left out a highly sophiticated language and wrote as if she were the one writing the story. Because of that, your story was very believanble and engaging. Although, I must admit, I didn't like the ending. I thought she should've just turned and walked away, but I'm not the author and many people have told me that my endings were horrible and I completly disagreed with them. So Maxx, you have every right to disagree with me. I also loved the phrasing. You adopted words that existing in that country. You didn't use Western words to explain an African home/custom. This is great Maxx! (Still looking for a horrible entry. LOL)