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Great story, love the sisters and the ending.
This reads like a modern day fable. The description of the elderly sisters was wonderful. I found the ending a bit abrupt, but that pesky word count can sometimes do that. I enjoyed reading this.
I enjoyed reading this and there was a bit of a twist but as you say "all that glitters" - well done
Perfect title for this piece - and very thought-provoking. What an end too. Wow.
Wow! What a punch at the end. I love it when the title gives a "clue" to the conclusion. Many churches today are gilding the lily, so to speak. Though the gospel needs no embellishment, we humans insist on making it more flowery and loading it down with all kinds of ornamentation! Great story.
Very interesting thought-provoking entry. I like the ending, perfect touch for this story.
great details - you write well! Loved the progression of the pulpit and how people reacted to it. Nice work.
Oh my goodness! This is the characters' names, the descriptions of the old ladies, the gradual realization that dawns upon one as the pulpit transforms...and the ending literally caused me to gasp. You've outdone yourself, Queen of Satire!
In addition to the profound message and the terrific imagery, I really liked your characters' names.
They made their own golden calf, didn't they! What a great message is presented by your well chosen words.
Your ending blew me away. Wonderful story.
Wow. What a great telling of the modern day golden calf. Excellent take on the topic.
This whole story was so good. The ending was just awesome. Great writing.