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This is a marvelous story, of mystery, of suspense, of God's love.
You put me right among the homeless. Love this message. Nicely done.
Wow - nicely written - and powerful ending. Loved it!
Great descriptions - and I loved not finding out who the narrator was until the end.
What a testimony this would be! Your descriptions and characters are so believable, I had to remind myself that this was a story. Love the descriptions of Heaven and the Lord.
Great story. I guess we could have figured out who the stranger in the crowd was by your title. I confess, though, I didn't until just now:) You kept me captivated clear to the end.
Your story hooked me, and the ending was perfect. The words of the speaker were powerful.
Wow, such a powerfully descriptive story that took me right there in the middle of the story. You kept me in suspense until the very end. Well done ... masterful in every way!
Very atmospheric and a great testimony. I wasn’t entirely clear why the reporter felt that he had to be so secretive. But it’s powerful writing and deserves to do well.
What a twist! "Need the money"; "Shoot and run" - you had me. Excellent suspense.
Great story! I love how your title doesn't make sense till the end. You led us down one trail only to change our direction. Awesome writing!
Mid, I don't want to flower this up for you, but sincerely, this was/is and will always be outstanding. Characterization, storyline, props, visuals, message, anointng; all brought together maserfully. Truely top notch and very deserving of an approving smile from our Lord. I'm blessed. God bless you.
Brilliant! I am blown away...
Great description and story-telling, Mid. But then, why am I not surprised by that? :-) Wonderful entry. Masterful, indeed.
Awesome title, awesome writing--very evocative. Love your narrator's voice, it's authentic and compelling.
I loved your imagery, conflict, and rising anticipation. And the twist - of course, I thought he held a gun. Beautiful story
Your one word title caught my attention and once I started reading, I didn't want to stop. This was great! The characters, the descriptions, it is SO real! Excellent job!
I really enjoyed this. It kept me captivated from beginning to end.
I am humbled reading this, the preacher's voice and message is simply inspired by what is good and true!
This was really great. You captured my attention from being to end. Great writing!
Excellent writing. Excellent story. I really enjoyed this. Because of your title I figured the man was a reporter with a camera, not a gun. If the title was different it would have been a real twist for me. I still loved it. Masterful!