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Beautiful! Love the story. It's poignant, yet not overly sorrowful, AND with a touch of humor (the carrot cake explanation). Very good and creative!
This is really sweet -- sad, but sweet. Nice job with the topic.
Masterful characterization and emotion. I just love love LOVE this.
Very touching! What a creative and unique idea for "encouragement" this was, too.
Love the creativity, and love the ending. The writing was wonderful. Well done.
wow. I got nothin'....amazing. Ok, I can't type anymore until I get a tissue! BEAUTIFUL.
I love the up-closeness of this. You are certainly a master at connecting with your reader. Mind if I take lessons? Great writing!
Wow. This is so touching. At first I was wondering how in the world the story would be encouraging. As soon as you mentioned the cars I said, "Ahhh..." and I understood. I understood and I got goosebumps. I had to sit here for a second to let it all soak in before I could type. Beautiful. Very creative. Excellent writing and descriptions. Bravo.
Next time a tissue warning would be helpful! This is beautiful. All the little details add so much. Super job and beautiful. Now I'm gonna go get a tissue! Hugs.
So tender and touching. You brought tears to my eyes, but I loved the happy ending.
That was a very touching story. I really felt like I was there. Well done.
The character in this story is so real, I feel I could call her on the phone tomorrow. Great story and very warmly told.
This gave me goosebumps-Hauntingly beautiful. Last minute or not, this is a masterpiece in my book. Great writing! ^_^
Wowser! This was a beautiful story full of great description and feelingand characterization. Please, never, never stop writing!
It's rather difficult to type through tears. I was looking for the encouragement and there it came, at the end. What a unique, touching story. Loved it!
This was poignant and beautifully written. The scenes, the settings, the dialogue, the props, all perfectly orchestrated. I especially liked the insight into Misty’s character when she said her husband was not on this side of the tasting party. Wonderful!

And, to me, the “icing on the cake” were the cars rolling in beneath the fog…a perfect metaphor of hope. Great job!
Aww dad-gummit, you made me cry. This was soooooo beautiful. I just loved it. Now I need to go get a tissue. :)