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This is just beautiful. I've often wondered what it would be like to be with the shepherds who received the good news. Thanks for taking me there.
This is really good. I've never thought about what the shepherds did on Christmas night. This was really fun to read. Very creative idea for the topic.
Beautiful writing--there were some sentences early on that really appealed to the writer in me. Love the authentic sense of time and place.

The last paragraph was just the teensiest let-down...nothing wrong with it, just not as spectacular as the rest of the piece.

The details are great--the honey cakes, the constellations. Very nice!
This is wonderful! Well written and a creative approach that worked well. Maybe some more thought on the title. I don't think it would have gotten my attention.
Extremely masterful writing once more, to go along with a great storyline. Anointed. God bless.
Great detail in this entry. I love the characters.
OOH, I have chills from this beautifully told story. If you aren't a writer, I "aren't" a Texan. Very well done!
This is so creative and so excellently written. I like your title and your ending. You did a great job on topic, too!
I loved reading your rendition of the Christmas story. This was fascinating, "The star of the Coming One has entered the sign of the Virgin". Is there any facts/or legend behind this? Wonderful writing.
Beautiful! The characters were so real, I felt like I was there, too. What a beautiful gift you've given us-thank you!
Beautifully written. I love how authentic it all seemed. I believed we were there, among the shepherds. Very well done.
This brought life to an old story! I absolutely loved this piece. Especially the part with the constellations and signs. That put a whole new twist on how I always saw the shepards. Great job. Especially with the ending! ^_^