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You showed very well how sad it is when men seek glory for themselves, instead of for God, and are too proud to listen to those who could guide them in real evangelism. May God bless all evangelists who go out with His Spirit within them.
If this is a true story (and I am going to assume it is), this "evangelist" needs to be called up on the carpet for his attitude — not too christian, I'd say. Sad, but true, description of an unfortunate reality. It might be me, but this sentence bothered me: "teaching them how to communicate the gospel in their own culture - stressing that repentance and changed lives are just as important as faith." I may be having a bad day but somehow this doesn't read like what I think you meant to imply. Good stuff.
You hit on a lot of good points when it comes to sharing the gospel in another culture. It has to use mannerisms of that culture, just as Jesus did in His day.
Wow, much to think about in this entry. I've often wondered how many of the evangelistic crusades overseas have true conversion experiences to account for the great numbers reported. Good writing-I could almost feel myself standing in the MC's shoes.
Oh, I really like the message here. We support indigenous missionaries (I think they are much more effective) and have heard horror stories like the one you shared. God bless you for sharing this story. This is very well written.