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wow! amazing to read and yet so humbling. Isn't it just like us and isn't it just like God to show us His way and His purpose.
Thanks for sharing your journey. I want to go with you!
I love your title. Love the whole poem. It's right on topic. Love the humility that is learned. Great job!
I am not a big poet person, but really enjoyed yours and the message is clear!
This is a truly incredible piece of work. From title to end, with smooth flow, I was on this journey with you. Excellence.
So sweet and so true! Glad to know I'm not the only one on this journey! Thank you for sharing so openly.
Wonderful title, wonderful message.

The rhyme scheme was a little bit inconsistent in some places, but a second look at this would fix that easily enough. The flow is great, and the poem is quite effective.