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This was awesome! What a powerful, well written story! Good job!
Great to have some speculative fiction in the challenge. What a hero! I suspect this is part of a greater work, keep at it.
Fight with the truth and leave the rest in the hands of God. Amen! This should be in a movie.
Ah, inspiring sci-fi...I like it!
I see Mel Gibson, William Wallace style as the lead. This could be the beginning of quite the page turner.
A true testosterone tale! hehehehe Good writing! :)
Okay, I liked it. nuf said.
Nice change of pace for Faithwriters. I, too, saw William Wallace in this tale. But I also saw the Savior standing against what seems defeat to a mortal man, yet courage and faith help them stand. Good show!
Hi Maxx. Just popping in (again) to let you know that you were in the semi-finals for the New Year challenge. As always, well done! With love, Deb
Maxx, this is really great! It's a great mix of Christian fiction....almost a feel of star wars/Lord of the rings.....really good work. Are you turning this one into a novel?
I thought you wrote this one with more passion than any of the previous stories. It was like you "loved" this story and worked your fingertips to the bone to create a perfect masterpiece. Well crafted doesn't do this story justice. "A flash of light ripped through the citadels, immobilizing the frightened capital for a phosphorescent instant. The concussive blast shook all hope from the souls of the defenders." Goodness Maxx! Where do you find these words. Is your vocabulary that extensive? I think that's one of the most astounding features of a "Maxx" entry. It's your words, your phrases. Jim once commented on one of your stories a few weeks that "your writing stands out." It truly does. One of the first things I do when the new entries come out is run to Masters and find your. You always stick out. This story is a prime example of "sticking out." Every aspect of the story is magnificent and I really don't like war stories. I find them boring (my husband hates that about me, although he was happy when I bought him a sword and said he could watch his war movies with that! LOL) Anyway, I'm rambling now. This is one of the best "crafted" stories that I've read of yours. Congrats!