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I like this little girl evangelist:) Very nice read and a fun time of fellowship!
I love that the clown AND the girl were drawn to the church. Delightful. Nice job with characterization.
Very sweet and cute story that gets the point across that fellowship can be an important way to show and tell the gospel message.
This just sums fellowship up:

“Why does your family go to church, Deanna?”

“Because we like to. It’s like a big, big family and we like to sing and pray and read the Bible.”

And there's noplace like home. Beautiful story!
The characters came to life in this piece and love the message...unique writing on topic.
Adorable--children will love this!

I caught a "remain" that should have been "remained", and all significant words in the title should be capitalized. Oh, and also, I think it should be "The Clown Who..."

This is written at absolutely the right level for the kiddoes--would make a great Sunday School story.
The innocence of children can be very appealing. Nice story.
Cute story. I loved your portrayal of the children, I felt like I was there at the party too!
Great story for kids and adults! I like how the breakdown of Binky's refusal to talk symbolized the breakdown of his refusal to find out more about why he wanted to stay at Christian events. Add a few application questions and I could see this in a children's devotional book.
I agree, super story fr all ages. Well done again, Chrissy. God bless.
This is charming. Its message is great for kids and adults alike. Well done.
I really enjoyed this way of sharing the way that true fellowship can impact the lives of others.
Very well drawn characterization with a great message
What a cute story! I usually do not think of clowns too much, but I loved the character of Binky! Especially when he did 'talk' after all. This was very fun to read, my only note is in a few places, for instance, if Deanna says "Mommy" I don't think she would refer to Sally's mother as "Mommy, can Sally's mother..." Kinda awkward, but doesn't really take away. Good job, Aunty Chrissy! ^_^
Look behind the mask and you see so many longing for the fellowship Binky expressed so well. Great story.
Children will love this. So I guess that makes me a child. Good job.
Generally good stuff, I can see quite a bit of hidden meaning with the clown and a greater dimension all the characters - in other words a lot of interesting things going on here. Really, quite interesting on many levels. Watch the speech tags.