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Your story is precious--not only well written but it is a perfect example of how a church should welcome strangers into their midst. Not all of them do. Don and I chose our church also because everyone was friendly and welcoming when we first attended. People need to feel a sense of belonging. Good work!
This is really good. You had me interested in Hannah's plight from the first sentence. What a marvelous picture of reality you paint. Nice job with the topic.
When we were hunting a church the difference in churches felt by Hannah was almost our exact experience. I could truly echo her thoughts, her deep desire to belong to a church family and felt joy with her when she found "home." I appreciated the subtle "mystery of His ways" also in the failure of her alarm clock and "accidental" visit to the new church.
You choked me up in the end! What a wonderful message woven through this piece. Your descriptions, and characterization, are great.
Wow! It is an awful feeling to be all alone in a crowd of people, especially while in church. This is a very good entry. I liked the ending, too. When we were looking for a new church, I knew without a doubt when we found it, just like this woman:)
A big WOW! Nice, excuse me, Very nice job. The ending was very anointed. Impressive! God bless.
Beautiful entry...I wondered why Hannah was so ignored in her first church, and thought for a while that there was something "wrong" with her--a disability perhaps? I was releived when she found her "home."
Your story captures God's love for us and your skill draws us onto familiar ground. Eight years seems like a long wait for change and I'm glad God stepped in and helped things along.
Love this entry! I think many of us can relate to your MC's feelings. But you also made me think about trying harder to make visitor's feel welcome and loved at my church. Well written and sympathetic character, too.
Loved this entry! Anything that brings me to tears and touches my heart is my "cup of tea" so to speak. Such a different atmosphere in the two churches. Great Title and right on target Topic-wise. Very well written and a triple Kudos to this author.
I could feel the MC's desire to worship and the loneliness in the crowd. Excellent writing.
I've been there and remember the feeling of anonymity. You shouldn't have to feel that way among believers. Good idea and good job.
This is very touching. I enjoyed this, and you did a great job.
This is a very touching story of how people can slowly die from dehydration (lack of love and compassion) standing in a lake of people in the middle of a church. And what's even sadder is their unvoiced cries from their soul go unnoticed. I'm so glad the MC found a place where love knew she was there. Good job.
Excellent job of creating two very different atmospheres. I'm glad your main character found a real church home.
We plan, but God directs our steps...because He loves us and wants us to be with Him. What a wonderful story and message. Absoultely loved the way you told it!
Great job!