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Yes! There's "just something about that Name"...Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it. Written well, I might add...and an interesting and exciting read.
I found myself holding my breath as the enemy approached. The descriptions are so vivid. Excellent writing.
Battle stories keep reminding us of the atrocities of war. The ability of some of our soldiers is unbelieveable. They are such heroes.
A wonderful entry. I love stories about World War II. And I think that this is a perfect fit for "Calm".
Oh my, the horror of what he had to endure. I could feel and see the scenes you so vividly describe in this entry. What a wonderful, wonderful hero he was. To think, his story is but one among many stories in all the wars we've struggled through. Your entry is the epitome of calm.
Powerful piece, all the more so given that it actually happened. I do think that your writing lets you down in a few places. Many of your verbs are excellent but you still used the word ‘got’ three times when a more descriptive verb would have been preferable. Moreover the sentence “There was no way to jump ... in a dirty ravine” was clumsy, difficult to read in one go, and needs to be broken down into smaller pieces. But the rest is excellent: I love the German snorting, the knife being yanked, the pain ricocheting – all well chosen and very expressive
WOW. I could feel the tension - and to know this is true is even more amazing. Excellent, EXCELLENT writing.
This is an incredible story. Your writing is very good. I was in the scene -- my heart racing with the tension. Good job.